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What's the story behind WPRG? 

The first part is easy. J.R. entered the corporate world by literally writing his own job description. Temple-Inland hired him with the title of "Process Development Manager." His first week on the job was spent reading Bill Conway's book, "The Right Way to Manage." It was the beginning of a fruitful career in Continuous Process Improvement (CPI). J.R. quickly became recognized as a knowledgeable instructor and champion for improvement.

The next chapter came five years later when J.R. completed Six Sigma Black Belt and Master Black Belt training. For the next several years he became the lead instructor for Six Sigma. Along the way, he took training in the Lean methodology to complement his expertise in Six Sigma. This background in CPI and Lean Six Sigma provide the foundation for Process Excellence.

The next piece of the puzzle is a more subtle. During his last semester as an undergrad, J.R. took an elective in Engineering Ethics. This was J.R.'s first formal exposure to the subject of ethics, and it was a mixed bag. While many of the case studies were clear instances of ethical wrongdoing, the theoretical basis for ethics left a great deal to be desired. Many years later, J.R. began to formulate an ethical framework grounded on biblical principles. The resulting "Six Principles" embody the duty to act in the other person's best interest. Herein is the basis for Leadership Integrity

The final piece of the puzzle has its beginnings in the early years of J.R.'s work in CPI. This is when he was first exposed to the groundbreaking work of Joel Barker, whose book on paradigms is both simple and profound. With this background in the "science of paradigms," J.R. has begun to understand the organizational dynamics that either help or hinder improvement. The reason most companies fail in their efforts to adopt improvement methods is that the native organizational culture is usually hostile to the philosophy of improvement. Sustained improvement is only possible in organizations that break through the "paradigm barrier" to move from reactive to proactive management. The most important breakthrough that nearly every company faces is to adopt a new management philosophy--without which the cycle of reactive "firefighting" will never be broken. This is the kind of radical change that J.R. has in view when he refers to Business Innovation

The mission of Woodland Park Research Group is to capture all three of these vital elements in one organization--with the goal of empowering clients to maximize their potential for sustained growth.

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wprg provides the management and technical Expertise you need for sustained competitive advantage.

“There are very few people I've learned as much from."

mike fitch

Applications Engineer

Ludeca, Inc.

j.r. Dickens, ph.d.

CEO, Owner and Founder

Dr. J.R. Dickens is a Six Sigma Master Black Belt who holds a Ph.D. in mechanical engineering from Texas A&M University.

From 1996 to 2011, J.R. served as the Director of Continuous Improvement for Temple-Inland Forest Products Corporation in Diboll, Texas. During this time he earned credentials as a Quality Engineer, Quality Manager, and Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

In his role at Temple-Inland, J.R. helped develop the company’s improvement strategy and served as a trainer and coach to more than 100 Black Belts and 500 Green Belts.

In 2011, J.R. relocated to Colorado and launched Woodland Park Research Group where he continues to provide training and consulting as a Master Black Belt.

J.R. volunteered with SCORE where he served as a business mentor, workshop instructor, chapter leader, and district leader. He currently serves as Membership Chair for the Pikes Peak section of ASQ. 

J.R. is an aircraft owner as well as a classical musician. J.R. enjoys hiking, camping, and skiing in the mountains of Colorado.

Improvement starts with a new way of thinking about your business. WPRG can help you navigate the change in mindset that will open new doors of opportunity. 

“An excellent trainer who has the unique ability to keep everyone engaged."

greg stacey

Process Improvement Manager

Froedtert and St. Joseph Hospitals

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“J.R. taught me logical and systematic problem-solving. He is a master of all forms of communication."

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“He really listens to find out what we need."

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DaVita Medical Group

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