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Process Excellence

High quality is the key to low cost.

Here is a telltale sign of your company's culture: Do you operate by the belief that higher quality will cost more to produce? Or are you skeptical that it's possible to achieve higher quality at lower cost--along with breakthrough improvements? If so, you are most likely trying to improve quality by compensating for defects and reacting faster when something goes wrong. The new paradigm for quality is prevention, not firefighting. As W.E. Deming was fond of saying, "Inspection is too late." Build quality into the process, and defects can become a thing of the past. 

The complementary approaches of Lean and Six Sigma provide the framework for breakthrough quality. Lean attacks the waste of time and lost capacity that results from overproduction. Six Sigma attacks process variation to eliminate defects and the resulting high cost of inspection, testing, and rework. Lean Six Sigma opens the door for improvement in all areas of the business--with the result of delivering higher quality products and services at lower costs.

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Process Excellence